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3cx advanced
3CX Phone Systems

Fire your phone carrier and save $$$ with 3CX and SIP Trunking. Ask us how today!

Networking and WiFi

Let us take the hassel out of setting up your network, wifi, bridging and switching with over 30 years experience in the field.


Microsoft Certified

Need help with Windows Server, Desktop or Services? We can help!

Server Room Hot?

As Certified Mirage installers we can help get the temps back down and keep them down cost effectivity!

Our Solution is Your


Analisys of your network

We build networks from the ground up.

Specilizing in HP and Cisco switching, Ubiquiti WiFi solutions, WatchGuard & Sophos Firewalls. We can build your network, your way.

Remote Support

Need help fast? Our remote support can get you going quickly and at a reduced rate. Support blocks of time are available!


Protect your network the right way with WatchGuard & Sophos firewalls. We also support  pfSense/OpnSense/NetGate firewalls.

Real time chat and video calls

3CX can privide you r company with real-time chat capabilites and video conferencing. Ask us how!

Analysis of Network Traffic

Want to know what is running on your network? We can run analysis on your traffic to tell you who is doing what. Ask us how!

SIP Trunking

We have partnered with some of the best SIP providers in the industry with 99.999% uptime reliability.


Utilizing the latest CCTV technology, IP cameras, NVR's and POE switches we can cover you 360 degrees! Call for a free estimate today!

Keeping an eye out...

CCTV monitoring

See everything even if you are not there...

4-12MP IP cameras with people counting, license plate recogition and more. Secure your business inside and out!
5MP Auto Focus NDAA Compliant
Auto tracking cameras will follow people and vehicles if desired. Auto focus, total darkness infrared lighting to 165ft.
4MP 25X PTZ Auto Tracking Cameras
8K NVR 64 channel recorders can store up to 32TB of data for up to weeks or months of recordings. External drive arrays are also available!
64 Channel NVR 8K Resolution